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picspam: top 10 merlin/arthur scenes

i've only included scenes that actually physically had both merlin and arthur in them otherwise i'd never have been able to narrow it down. the amount of time these two spend talking about each other (when the other isn't around) is insane! i also kept getting sidetracked because of how often they'd stare at each others lips, or touch each other, or look longingly at each other, or ...

10. the moment of truth

merlin: no. we're going to stay. we're going to fight and we're going to win.
arthur: merlin, it can't be done! the odds are too great.
merlin: it can. we're going to make kanen rue the day he ever came to this village. all you need to do is get the men ready for battle and the rest... will take care of itself.
arthur: how?
merlin: you've just got to believe in them. because if you don't, they'll sense it and the battle will be lost before it's even begun.

09. the moment of truth

arthur: have you always slept on the floor?
merlin: yeah. the bed i've got in camelot's luxury by comparison.
arthur: it must have been hard.
merlin: hmm. it's like rock.
arthur: i didn't mean the ground, i meant... for you. it must have been difficult.
merlin: not really. i didn't know any different. life's simple out here; you eat what you grow and everyone pitches in together. as long as you've got food on the table and a roof over your head, you're happy.
arthur: sounds... nice.
merlin: you'd hate it.
arthur: no doubt. why did you leave?
merlin: things just... changed.
arthur: how? (merlin pauses) come on, stop pretending to be interesting. tell me.
merlin: i just didn't fit in anymore. i wanted to find somewhere that i did.
arthur: had any luck?
merlin: i'm not sure yet.

08. the poisoned chalice

arthur: but if it is poisoned, he'll die.
uther: then we'll know he was telling the truth.
arthur: merlin, apologise. this is a mistake! i'll drink it.
merlin: no, no, no. it's all right.

07. the gates of avalon

06. valiant

arthur: i want you to swear to me what you're telling me is true.
merlin: i swear it's true.
arthur: then i believe you.

05. the poisoned chalice

arthur: still alive then?
merlin: yeah, just about. i understand i have you to thank for that.
arthur: yeah, well, it was nothing. a half-decent servant is hard to come by. i was only dropping by to make sure you were alright. check that you'll be back to work tomorrow.
merlin: oh, yeah, yeah. of course. bright and early. (arthur turns to leave) arthur... thank you.
arthur: you too. get some rest.

04. le morte d'arthur

merlin: i need to talk to you.
arthur: you still haven't got it yet, have you? i decide when we need to talk.
merlin: not today.
arthur: i sometimes wonder if you know who i am.
merlin: oh, i know who you are.
arthur: good.
merlin: you're a prat, and a royal one.
arthur: (laughs) are you ever going to change, merlin?
merlin: no. you'd get bored. promise me this: if you get another servant, don't get a bootlicker.
arthur: if this is you trying to leave your job...
merlin: no. i'm happy to be your servant. 'til the day i die.
arthur: sometimes i think i know you, merlin. other times...
merlin: well, i know you. you're a great warrior. one day, you'll be a great king.
arthur: that's very kind of you.
merlin: but you must learn to listen as well as you fight.
arthur: any other pointers?
merlin: no. that's it. just... don't be a prat.

03. the moment of truth

merlin: i'm going back to ealdor.
arthur: of course.
merlin: it's been an honour serving you.
arthur: you'll be coming back?
merlin: she's my mother. i have got to look after her before anyone else. you understand?
arthur: i'd do exactly the same. well... you've been terrible. really. i mean it, the worst servant i've ever had.
merlin: (laughs) thank you, sire. (melin turns to leave)
merlin? good luck.

02. the labyrinth of gedref

arthur: i had no idea you were so keen to die for me!
merlin: trust me, i can hardly believe it myself.

arthur: (laughs) i'm glad you're here, merlin.

01. the moment of truth

arthur: you ready?
merlin: my throat’s dry.
arthur: (laughs) me too. (extends hand) it's been an honour.

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